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OKSINUM GROUP IMPORT EXPORT CONSTRUCTION TRADING LIMITED COMPANY is an International Trading Company. The company is involved in the supply chain in many parts of the world, including multinational companies. The fact that the sectors in which it works are in a wide range makes our company a great experience in finding solutions in the supply chain and responding to the demands of its customers. The company works through references. It provides service to large and small customers and dozens of sectors around the world. The company also has various investments with Trustrubber.ind.co, Braverubber Palm.Co (Thailand), Castillo Global S.L (Spain). It has been operating in Thailand for many years with two separate companies and factories. Trustrubber.ind.co produces Rubber, Latex full or semi-finished products and Gloves for the medical and food industry. My company Factory and its headquarters are in Mukdahan. The company is also an official member of the Thai Latex Manufacturers Association (TRAGMA) Asian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (ASEAN). Trustrubber.ind.co also has ISO 9001 quality certificate and provides services in accordance with this protocol. Braverubberpalm.co is also a foreign trade company operating in Thailand, headquartered in Bangkok. It carries out its activities in many products and different sectors. Trust Global S.A. is our new company under establishment in Spain. In order to provide a healthier service to our European partner companies and customers in the supply chain, it will start its activities very soon, with its head office in Barcelona. This company will also be used as a exponent for group trade projects in South America. In addition to these companies, it carries out activities at representative level in South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Africa, America and Russia. Our companies have a strong financial structure, expert staff and a structure that is constantly controlled. The biggest aim of our company is to realize sustainable works and to be successful in the projects it undertakes. Our companies work with CIF, CFR, EXW, DAP Land, Sea, Air and Train transportation and logistics options according to the project scope. Likewise, Container, Bulk product shipping, Truck, Silobas Etc. We work with internationally reliable logistics companies in the product supply chain of land and sea transportation, Flexı Tank, and air cargo. When our project in Spain is realized, we will reach 65-70 personnel in total. At the same time, our company is working on new projects on sustainable investments.