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Mehmet KALE - CEO

As you all know, the foundation of trade is built on trust. Every single company or group of companies, large or small, is created to make a profit. In this process, according to my own experience, it is an organization that should be carried out with care and attention due to its international trade structure. Because customs regulations, logistics solutions, etc., which are a separate issue apart from the supply-demand balance. You have to be in control of the issues. As an Engineer, I still keep in touch with every company, owner, employee or manager of the companies and formations that I have established from scratch and brought to a certain level. Because each new company or a new project opens a door of valuable friendship. Of course, the sustainability of these friendships also depends on fulfilling your responsibilities towards the companies and people who trust you. For this reason, we work with a different excitement and care in each of our projects. As a company manager and founder, it sometimes happens in projects that we do without thinking about profit margin. Because the main thing for us is to ensure trust, which is difficult. Money is always something that can be earned or lost. When you work with the right people and organize your work professionally, you can be successful when you do not act with the motivation to earn more. None of us can take the money we earn with us, but with what we earn, we can leave a better future and a good name for our family and the world. With all these feelings and thoughts, we do our every job lovingly and professionally. We respect our work and our business partners.
Yours sincerely
Mehmet KALE